Colorganic - Organic Toys and Products

Colorganic - Organic Toys and Products

Colorganic is a collection made out of organic color-grown cotton telling the story of Winfried the wolf.

CONTEXT: Organic is a trend which can be also found in the textile industry and is of personal importance to me as well. Therefore the color-grown cotton by Sally Fox is of huge interest. Sally Fox was able to breed and gain back the original colored-growing cotton plant. The original cotton is not white. The ancient cotton plants grew in several colors providing already colored cotton fabric. Sally Fox managed to gain back the cotton plants in three colors: ecru, green and brown.Thanks to this cotton plant, no coloring process is needed plus (once it is processed) it is almost one of the only fabrics which gains color-intensity while washing. These textiles enfold their color intensity the more often they get washed.  This collection is designed with the character of Winfried the wolf. His story was created for this project and is told on several fabric designs of this collection. The product design of the Colorganic Collection is making use of every single of these specific fabric designs which were created for every product individually. The end product is a sustainable collection in long-lasting colors with pleasant wearing in an affectionate design. The fabric designs were produced during my stay in Sweden in cooperation with the Högskolan i Borås, Sweden.

REALISATION: Concepting the character of Winfried and his story. Collecting Ideas for end products which are made out of specifically designed fabric to tell his story on the product. Creating fabric designs for the end products in Adobe Illustrator. Preparing the designs for weaving with Scott-Weave Software. Testing the created designs with foxfibre yarns in different weaving patterns. Controlling the shrinking behavior of the fabric regarding to the design size which is needed on the end product. Weaving the final fabric designs in different color combinations and weavings. Finalizing the end product concepts. Creating patterns for the end products. Cutting, Sewing and Stuffing the products. Adding special Details if needed. 

TECHNOLOGY: Scott-Weave, Weave-Point, Adobe Illustrator

MATERIAL: Sally Fox fox fibre cotton green (50/50) and brown(50/50) in Nm 50/1, wooden rings, zippers, stuffing, cherry pits, elastic ribbon, organic cotton ribbon, bias binding organic cotton