Fortunas Fate - Card Game

Fortunas Fate - Card Game

Fortunas Fate is a creative board-game inspired by an astrology theme.

CONTEXT: Fortunas Fate is a project created during the Game Elements Course for the Media and Games Conception Master-Programme at the University of applied sciences Harz. The idea of the game had to be taken from a newspaper article. For our game it was an astrology passage that caught our eye. The player has to use his hand wisely and collect them in various combinations to get the oracle and the stars on his side. He will be then be able to influence the Oracles fortune forecast and use it to his own advantage to win the game.

REALISATION: Finding inspiration in newspapers. Collecting game design and core mechanic ideas via brainstorming. Building a first prototype made of paper. Testing the game play with several players. Adjusting and re-designing game play. Balancing Attributes. Building new paper-prototype. Testing game play with several players. Adjusting and re-designing game play according to feed back. Balancing the attributes again. Testing the game with a huge group. After the basic game play and design is set, finding Art style and creating mood boards. Creating designs for cards, icons, play board and player characters in Photoshop and Illustrator. Finding a theme fitting the astro-story for every card. Writing and designing game manual and game design documentation. Preparing designs for print in Adobe InDesign. Printing and constructing the game including play board and playing pieces.

TECHNOLOGY: Print, Cutting, Adobe Illustator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

MATERIAL: cardboard, cards, plastic

PROJECT MEMBERS: Robert Boehm (game design, storytelling for game cards, game manual, game design document), Linda Hube (game design, character design, icons, printing and construction, game manual design), Marie Petters (game design, play board design, card design, illustrations)